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Wieland bursFeatureThe dental cad cam milling burs is compatiable with wieland machine.35mm length.0.7mm,1.0mm,2.5mm available.Diamond like coated,cutting ability of each wieland burs can reach to 110pcs crown...
Ex Tax:$22.00
dental zirkonzahn milling bursThe shank is 3mm,The dental cad cam milling burs is compatiable with the zirkonzahn machine.Diamond like coated,the cutting ability of each zirkonzahn burs can reach to more than 120pcs crown.Size 0.5mm,1.0mm.2.0mm available to choose.Best dental zirkonzahn burs prices ..
Ex Tax:$23.00
The brushless dental laboratory micromotor is workable for dental lab zirconium,cobalt chrome alloy,denture,plaster polishing. The brushless dental lab handpiece motor is more effective,long life-time. These BLDC Motors have any longer lifetime than the ordinary brush type of engines. At the tes..
Ex Tax:$219.00
zirkonzahn dental bursfeature of the zahn dental lab supplies6mm shank,diamond like coated layer of zirkonzahn dental burs,dental burs for zirkonzahn size 0.5mm,1.0mm,2.0mm,..
Ex Tax:$21.00
artex articulator splitexThis dental lab tools is compatiable with the amann girrbach artex dental system,so that  all type of artex articulators calibraction can be adjusted to uniformity of design using the Splitex key and Splitex plate set.It makes the model easily be mounted and changed wit..
Ex Tax:$172.00
amann girrbach bursamann girrbach burs dental lab milling supplies for the lithium disilicate block,4 size is available.Size: 0.4mm,1.0mm,1.4mm,1.8mm...
Ex Tax:$26.00
amann girrbach milling bursThe dental milling burs is  compatiable with dental amann girrbach cad cam milling machine.The amann girrbach burs head is diamond like coated which make the life span much longer.The size can be0.6mm1.0mm2.5mm..
Ex Tax:$20.00
Amann girrbach platesThe dental lab model base plates is used for the model fabrication on pindex dental machine.It is compatiable with the amann girrbach giroform model system.Giroform secondary base plate with magnet; Giroform base plate premium;..
Ex Tax:$0.90
amann girrbach pmmaPmma dental cad cam blocks is compatiable with the amann girrbach machine.A1,A2,A3,Clear,Pink shade available.Minimum order 5pcs for each shade...
Ex Tax:$13.00
Anatomic dental articulatorThe magnetic dental lab articulator contains 3 plates,1 key,1 screw.Name  Dental Laboratory Full Arch Magnetic Articulator with MagnetsFeaturesManufactured from highest quality clinical grade stainless steel.Highly resistant to corrosion and rust.Fully autoclavab..
Ex Tax:$52.00
Artex articulator cutting boardIt is compatiable with all artex dental articulator calibration series.It is application of the model base cutting borad with calibration indicator...
Ex Tax:$198.00
Dental articulators calibrationThe dental lab product is compaitiable with artex bn articulator.It is also artex dental articulator calibration.Feature of the dental lab productadjustable functional components made from aluminium and stainless steel;Fullfilled via magnetic mounting base plate;Fixed ..
Ex Tax:$192.00
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