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ceramic dental lab burs
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Ceramic dental lab bursThe dental lab burs kit is made of the zirconia ceramic material,which is application of polishing denture etc.There is no water cooling during the polishing process.1,bullet zirconia dental lab burs kit2,Cone shape of ceramic dental lab burs kitFeaturehigh quality of zirconia..
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dental hp carbide bursRound,cylinder flat end,cylinder flat end cross cut,inverted cone shape are available to choose.Diameter of 0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.4mmLength 45mmMade of quality of tungsten carbide materialApplication of dental lab production of the cobalt chrome alloy,titanium,denture,ceramic res..
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dental lab burs
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Carbide dental lab bursThe dental lab bur is for the dental laboratory model production polishing and cutting.FeatureMade of the high carbon carbide material,sharp,highly cutting ability.Hp shank,fit for the micromotor dental handpiece.2.35mm diameter.3pcs/set...
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dental laboratory bursThe dental hp carbide bur is applicaiton of the dental laboratory stone,denture,alloy ect model production polishing and finishing restoration.FeatureHP shank,micromotor dental burs,2.35mm shank.Carbide material made;5pcs/set..
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dental lab lathe bursMade of the lathe material,wheel type of polishing dental lab burs is application of dental laboratory denture and cobalt chrome alloy ect dental workpiece.FeatureHP shank,stainless steel handle,fited dental lab handpiece;2.35mm shank diameter;red lather material,suitable for co..
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Dental lab polishing brushesThe dental laboratory polishing kit is for the model production of the restoration polishing.It can be applied for the alloy,denture,die stone model production.The dental lab polishing brushes head material is wool,stainless,cooper,cotton etc,it is 20 type.It will be deli..
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Dental laboratory technician tools kit7pcs dental laboratory polishing kit,it is for the dental laboratory wokpiece of titianium,cobalt chrome alloy,stainless,denture etc polishing and finishing restoration.Feature7Pcs/kit;HP Shank;2.35mm diamter,fit for the dental lab micromotor handpiece;..
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rubber diamond polishers for dental porcelains & zirconiaIt is designed for the dental laboratory zirconia and porcelain restoration final polishing and finishing.The dental diamond polishers ingrident is rubber mixing with the sand of diamond power.3pcs/set.Medium,fine,and extra fine each one p..
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Carbide burs dental HP dental carbide burs with spiral design head,it is application of the dental laboratory cobalt chrome,denture,stone model polishing and finishing.FeatureHP shank,2.35mm diameter;Tungsten carbide material made;Sharp,high ability of cuttting efficency;3pcs/set,spiral head shape...
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