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02 Aug what is the life span of venneer teeth
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Span life the veneer teeth for cosmeticsThe life span of tooth veneers, like the more commonly used porcelain veneers, is generally more than ten years.The better the veneers, the longer the life span.The lifespan of tooth veneers will be affected during use. How long it can be used depends on wheth..
20 Jul What is the zirconium teeth life span and advantage
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Nowadays,all-ceramic teeth have become the most popular restorations for patients, which can almost be faked. But how long is the life of all-ceramic teeth? Is the price/performance ratio really satisfactory? This is also a question worth discussing.   All porcelain teeth overview    All-ceramic tee..
06 Jul Do I need to remove the denture before MRI? Is dental implant safer?
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In clinical practice, many patients need to do MRI. In order to avoid the interference of the metal on the examination results and the damage to the body, the metal material in the body needs to be removed. The patients spent thousands of yuan on porcelain teeth, but now they need to be dismantled b..
05 Jul rubber bands in orthodontics treatment
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The tools for orthodontics not only have brackets, but some patients need to be nailed or wear rubber bands. So, what is the role of rubber bands? Will the teeth be sore after wearing rubber bands? Let’s talk to the editor ! Rubber bands are mainly hung between orthodontic devices (brackets,..
05 Jul reason of tooth gap
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What is the reason for the large tooth gap? How to deal with it?Dental gap, also known as interdental space, is the natural gap between teeth. There is a gap between teeth and teeth, but the normal tooth gap is covered by gingival tissue (gingival papilla). The customs of  chinese people, too big in..
28 Jun how to choose a major to become a dentist or dental technician
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What is the difference of the dentist and dental laboratory technician ?From the major points of views:The difference between the two majors of stomatology technology and stomatology is very similar, but there is a world difference. Over the years, many candidates and parents have not been clear abo..
24 Mar What is the cosmetic dentistry porcelain veneers procedures
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cosmetic veneerWhat are the specific steps for making dental veneer? To help you understand, the experienced clinical dentist summarize the cosmetic dentistry porcelain veneers following suggestion as following:What is veneers in dentistryTooth veneer cosmetic restoration is to polish dropping the t..
14 Jan vaccum dental porcelain furnance equipment in dentistry ceramic making
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Dental porcelain furnaceRecentely a client from oversea country inquiry a dental laboratory equipment,as this dental laboratory technician equipment is large dimension, dental laboratory supplies company does not upload it on our dental online shopping store,it is not convenient..
30 Dec Pindex dental lab supplies and equipment list of products
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Pindex dental lab supplies and equipment list of dental lab supplies stores offers the dental lab products list are compatiable with the pindex dental zeiser and giroform model system.More over the pindex dental dowel pins and plastic disposable dental articulator for p..
21 Dec anterior-dental-zirconia-multilaye-for-veneer
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Why need the anterior dental zirconiaThe conventional dental zirconia restoration for anterior is not very translucent.In order to make the smile nature,aesthetic,and teeth shade gradual change,then the 600mpa dental zirconia multilayer for anterior has been launched.How to make restoration of the d..
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